Bethany Stockman is and a long-time volunteer and an intern for Scarlet Hope Greater Cincinnati during the Spring 2020 semester. Below she shares her experience with loving on a friend from the club during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back in Spring of 2019 I started to get to know a dancer alongside a few of our volunteers.  God called me to start loving on Dancer P by meeting up for lunch, helping to get legal documents sorted out, caring for her when she was sick, and learning her incredible life story. Sometimes God made it easy to share the Gospel with her in the club, the hospital, or in my car.  Other times it wasn’t as easy, but I look back thankful that God’s grace carried and protected me as much as it did her. At one point she disappeared and I didn’t think I’d ever see her again. However, God brought her back into my life because He’s not done being faithful to her and for such a time as this, a pandemic. 

So much has happened, but in response to Covid-19 we’ve been having regular phone conversations and my team and family have been very supportive in gathering needed supplies, assisting in late night errands, and explaining how to cook groceries.  In fact she called one of our volunteers who recently moved out of state in order to learn how to cook what I brought her (because I’m a college student who lives on smoothies). She started going to church with me before this pandemic, so I’m setting her up to watch the sermons and stay connected with my church. Even though it is getting harder to meet in person, I am confident that nothing can separate her from the love God wants to show her, even a pandemic.