One evening, two of our volunteers were talking with one of our friends from the club about wedding dresses. When it came to describing what kind of dress they would like to wear our friend said that she could not, and would not, wear white. When asked, “Why not?”, she said that white was for purity and that she could not wear it because her life did not reflect one of purity. Our volunteers were able to share that none of us are pure because we all have sin and hurt in our pasts. However, because of Jesus and His work on the cross we can be right with God and be spotless. Pure. 

They went on to share that our friend could wear white on her wedding day because Jesus could make her clean. After all, God values marriage and sent His Son so that we could become the spotless bride of Christ. Even so, how many people who claim to follow Jesus still live as if they are not blameless before the Father? Or have moments where being able to stand perfect before God seems too good to be true? May the Holy Spirit remind us that we can walk confidently before God, pure and dressed in white because Jesus has clothed us with His righteousness. 

Please keep praying for our friend, that she would remember the words we spoke to her about Jesus and that she would believe it can be true for her through Christ.