Most girls working in the sex industry have two names: the name they were born with, and then the name they are called at work and are advertised by. This can be to protect them from customers who turn into stalkers or a way to distance themselves from their work persona. When we first meet a woman in the industry, she nearly always introduces herself with her stage name. Sometimes she gives us her first name, but often it takes many conversations before a woman feels safe enough to share her real name. Once we know her real name, we must be very careful not to use it if there are customers around.  There was one dancer who I knew for nearly two years before she gave me her real name.  There are some whose names I still do not know.  

But God knows their names.  Psalm 139, Isaiah 43, and John 10 tell us that God formed us and knows our names.  Names in the Bible have meanings and when a name is mentioned in the Bible the meaning is also shared because it describes that person’s personality, circumstances, or role. Recently I looked up the name of a woman in the industry who had finally given it to me after years of knowing her. After reading the description I wondered if she knew the meaning of her name. I wanted her to know so badly that God had given her that name because He wanted her to know a truth about Himself.  That name was not given to her by accident and was not to be used the way the name she had given herself was being used.  The meaning of the name she had given herself paled in comparison to the meaning of the name she was given at birth. I pray for her differently now. As you pray for these women, pray that they would know the name of Jesus which means to ‘deliver’ or ‘rescue’; and the name Immanuel, which means, ‘God with us.’ And remember that even if you don’t know their names, God does.