Greater Cincinnati

Our Mission

Scarlet Hope exists to share the hope and love of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see women in the adult entertainment industry engaged with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching them they are loved by the Creator of the universe and were made in His image while equipping and empowering them to change their lives through gospel-centered community and resources.

Our History

Scarlet Hope began in 2007 when our Founder, Rachelle Starr, was called to bring the hope and love of Jesus to women in the adult entertainment industry.  Rachelle began serving home-cooked meals in the strip clubs of Louisville, KY. In 2009, two of her team members moved to Cincinnati to plant a church and they wanted to bring the ministry of Scarlet Hope with them.  These two women began serving in one local strip club in Greater Cincinnati, each week bringing in a home-cooked meal.  God was at work and volunteers began to join the team. In 2015, Scarlet Hope Greater Cincinnati became the first daughter site of the Scarlet Hope Network and became an official nonprofit in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Throughout that year, the Lord began opening doors and eventually they were able to serve all the clubs in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our heart is to carry out the mission of Scarlet Hope by sharing the hope and love of Jesus with all women in the adult entertainment industry in the Greater Cincinnati area.  

Meet the
Executive Director

It was in high school in Louisville, KY that Jessica first heard about the work of Scarlet Hope and she knew she wanted to be a part of what God was doing.  The Lord asked Jessica to wait. Years later, married and living in the Greater Cincinnati area, Jessica was ecstatic to learn that there was a Scarlet Hope in her area and she immediately joined the outreach team, going into clubs and forming relationships with the women working there.  After serving as a volunteer on the outreach team for five years, Jessica became the Executive Director of Scarlet Hope Greater Cincinnati in 2019. Jessica is passionate about women in the adult entertainment industry knowing their true worth and beauty and to know the hope that is found in Christ.  She and her husband Bradley have three young children and when they have any free time they love to watch and play disc golf.